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Weather Conditions

We have provided you with a wind speed measurement device (an Anemometer) for the purposes of safeguarding against inflatable use in high winds.

The maximum wind speed in which an inflatable can be used is 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24 mph.

You have been provided a simple demonstration that comprehensively covers the use and operation of the Anemometer.

You understand it is your responsibility to be aware of changing wind conditions and record the wind speed in the immediate vicinity of the inflatables location. Should the recorded wind speed approach 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24 mph or higher, you MUST quickly and safely evacuate the users and the inflatable device turned off.

Using the instructions demonstrated to operate the Anemometer, wind speed recordings are required to be completed every 30 minutes (or more frequently if there is any indication of wind speed increasing) by a competent persons (aged 18+) supervising the use of the inflatable device.

Following the demonstration, the first recording has been made for you by the operator.

Indication that wind speed is increasing could be (but are not limited to): Wind is raising dust and loose paper, small branches are moved, small trees in leaf begin to sway.

As stated above, if the recorded speed is 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24 mph or above, then all users should be evacuated from the inflatable as quickly and safely as possible with the inflatable then being turned off.

The inflatable should not be turned on until wind speeds have been consecutively and consistently recorded at less than 20mph for 30 minutes, taken at 5 minute intervals for the 30 minute duration.

If at any time any recorded wind speed is higher than 17mph then recordings must increase in frequency to every 5 minutes for a period of 30 minutes. This frequency may only return to every 30 minutes when there have been recordings consistently below 18mph for the entire 30 minute period and each recording is below 18mph.

If any time you are unable to take a wind recording for any reason, inflatable use must cease and desist with the inflatable being powered off after all users have been evacuated quickly and safely.

If at any time the Anemometer ceases to function, please contact us immediately for advice.

This sheet is to be used for recording the wind speed at previously stated intervals of frequency. The time of each recording must also be noted.

You understand it is your responsibility to carry out and record these wind recordings at regular intervals, and to carry out the safe and quick evacuation, should the wind conditions approach or reach 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24 mph.

Published 15th June 2019

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